Dear Mr. Ric Ocasek

image (4)Dear Mr. Ocasek,

Thank you for such a special moment! I feel so lucky to briefly meet you again and this time to see how gorgeous and beautiful your wife is, and how romantically in love the two of you seem to be.

I mistakenly did not give you the website for my store Amé Amé and you might have been confused by the fact I told you about this photo blog of mine….I just liked the fact that you’re a fan of chuck taylor like shoes as well so I thought you’d appreciate the blog…where I want to poetically show how we are all same same but different.

Anyway, I really really hope I’ll get to meet you at Amé Amé on 29th street between Broadway & 5th, directly across the street from the Ace Hotel and Stumptown coffee. I share a door with a totally random store…so just look for a window with bright turquoise signage…..there might be the words Ame Ame Inspired by Travel…but hopefully it will soon say Ame Ame by Teresa Alexandra….you can also look for the SMEG refrigerator that looks like the British Union Jack as well as lots of umbrellas and candy.

Thank you so so much!

French or American?

Nothing like navy, red, and white. If you’re quick, you just might get this umbrella before it’s sold out.  Wondering about my red skirt – it’s an old abercrombie & fitch skirt and I’m layering my cable knit navy ralph lauren sweater with a striped H&M shirt to match my striped headband.    (both the skirt and sweater are about 10 years old!…buy quality cotton!  sadly my H&M shirt surely won’t last)  (all photos taken by me the model with a tripod & timer =))


From Friends


A photo from Black Sheep Postal Service, a company started by my friend Justin Kerr to help you stay in touch with your family.  Inspires me to ask lots of people to send in photos like this one.  


These are part of a street photo exhibit in Bangkok. My fun, CreativeThai friend, A toook this and it has 3 of my favorite things – classic black converse chuck taylors, an umbrella, and giant lizards (aka dinosaurs!)