French or American?

Nothing like navy, red, and white. If you’re quick, you just might get this umbrella before it’s sold out.  Wondering about my red skirt – it’s an old abercrombie & fitch skirt and I’m layering my cable knit navy ralph lauren sweater with a striped H&M shirt to match my striped headband.    (both the skirt and sweater are about 10 years old!…buy quality cotton!  sadly my H&M shirt surely won’t last)  (all photos taken by me the model with a tripod & timer =))


From Friends


A photo from Black Sheep Postal Service, a company started by my friend Justin Kerr to help you stay in touch with your family.  Inspires me to ask lots of people to send in photos like this one.  


These are part of a street photo exhibit in Bangkok. My fun, CreativeThai friend, A toook this and it has 3 of my favorite things – classic black converse chuck taylors, an umbrella, and giant lizards (aka dinosaurs!)

Faux Fur Scarf for Newness


I’ve probably had this dress since freshman or  sophomore year of high school.  It’s wool and from the Gap – when they made long lasting, quality stuff with great everlasting design.

Strike a Pose

I love how a new Moore & Moore faux fur ermine assymetrical scarf dresses an old dress up for winter plus gives me a little extra warmth.  And of course I love how my classic Converse Chuck Taylor make the outfit casual and fun, despite the FAUX fur glam look.

Walk Like an Egyptian


Last but not least, when I want a splash of fun red for an otherwise black and white outfit,  foldable Sunpocket aviator sunglasses are perfect to wear.